A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A game about destroying a system for an unknown reason.

This was made in a jam with MovingGearSoftware. you can find MovingGearSoftware's game here https://movinggearsoftware.itch.io/customcards

And by the way i %100 won. 

PC controls: wasd = move, space to jump and wall jump, LMB to shoot, mouse to aim, scroll wheel to change sensitivity.

Controller controls: left stick = move, A to jump and wall jump, R2 to shoot, right stick to aim, D-Pad up and down to change sensitivity.


prospectus_windows.zip 14 MB
prospectus_linux.zip 15 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the prospectus_win or prospectus_linux files.


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Boys, contact me.

Nice game!

Constructive critisism:

The sensitifity is low.

The walking sound effect gets annoying.

I can totally understand if you didn't have enough time to tweak this during the jam. 


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Thanks for the constructive criticism I really need to make my games better. 

And yes the walking sound effect gets annoying and i had no time to tweak this during the jam.

And also it's scroll wheel to change sensitivity and i know i got to make a better system for changing mouse sensitivity, like making it a menu option but again i had no time to do it.

And thanks for all the feedback.

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